Charlottesville’s public transit service says it will add a video to its driver training program after a man with epilepsy complained that he was left by the side of a busy road while having a seizure.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

37-year-old Joshua Humphries was diagnosed with epilepsy after he crashed his car in Roanoke.

“I broke my jaw, knocked out several teeth, broke my nose,” he recalls.

Mark Bonica / Flickr

As students prepare to head back to school this year, state leaders are trying to figure out ways to make sure classrooms are safe. But, that conversation has largely focused on buildings rather than people.

There's no shortage of statistics about the depth of America's opioid epidemic — there were 72,000 overdose deaths just last year — but numbers don't tell the whole story. Beth Macy takes a ground-level look at the crisis in Dopesick, a new book focusing on central Appalachia. Macy has spent three decades reporting on the region, focusing on social and economic trends and how they affect ordinary people — she says this area is the birthplace of the modern opioid epidemic.

Demonstrators gathered at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill campus Monday night achieved a decades-long goal for those opposed to public displays of Confederate statues: They toppled "Silent Sam," a monument dedicated to fallen Civil War-era soldiers.

A crowd of about 250 students, faculty and local residents carrying banners that condemned white supremacy stormed the bronze sculpture and, using ropes, brought it crashing down from its century-old pedestal. It was the culmination of a protest that began earlier in the evening, on the eve of the first day of classes.

Scientists at Virginia Tech think they’ve found a new way to control stinkbugs without conventional pesticides. If it works, it could save millions of dollars for farmers, and perhaps the sanity of the rest of us, when the bugs resume their invasion every spring. 

AP Photo / Steve Helber

Usually it’s a lack of money that creates friction at the state capitol.  But now it’s an abundance of it that is causing disagreement between Republicans and Democrats in Richmond.

Virginia’s Water Control Board will meet Tuesday to consider the question of whether the state should be inspecting every point on a river or stream where pipeline builders propose to cross.  The Department of Environmental Quality had concluded it was enough to let the Army Corps of Engineers do that, but more than 9,000 people wrote to DEQ to protest that decision. 

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has scheduled a special session of the General Assembly so lawmakers can comply with a court order to redraw the state's legislative map.

For the last 3 months, the ‘Mountain Valley Watch’ has been documenting, what it says are repeated failures to prevent damage to Virginia waterways from construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The 300 mile conduit for natural gas will run through southwestern Virginia.

Virginia Public Access Project

A scooter-sharing company has found itself less than welcome in a couple of Virginia cities. And concerns about the health risks of football are taking a toll.


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