State Regulators Give Final Approval to Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Oct 19, 2018

State regulators gave their final approval to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project Friday.

The Department of Environmental Quality signed off on a plan to control erosion, sediment and stormwater. It’s the final step by state regulators before construction can begin.

Wealthy people in Virginia may pay more taxes. But a new study finds poor people pay a greater share of their income in state and local taxes.

Victory Hall Opera

Halloween is not normally associated with opera, but in Charlotteville, where the holiday is celebrated with enthusiasm, one local opera company is planning a special production. 


This month, the United Nations announced that forty percent of births in this country are to unmarried mothers.  While it's become much more accepted today, Virginia journalist and author Mary Carter Bishop reports that such a thing was scandalous in the 1930’s when her half brother was born.  She’s now written a book about him.

Election Day is still a few weeks away, but more than 70,000 voters have already cast their ballots.

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Virginia officials announced Thursday that Medicaid Expansion is a go, and newly eligible populations will be able to sign up during this year’s open enrollment. That comes after federal officials gave the state approval last week.

Side by Side



Today is Spirit Day, an anti-bullying campaign to support LGBTQ youth. According to national studies, lesbian, gay and bisexual kids are three to five times more likely to attempt suicide. ​And ​the picture is even more dire for transgender youth -- a​s many as half will ​attempt suicide ​before their twentieth birthday.  

After Hurricane Florence hit the southeast coast last month, Claytor Lake, hundreds of miles away in southwestern Virginia, took a hit.  More than fifteen tons of debris ended up in the lake – everything from the usual ‘flotsam and jetsam’ to at least one toilet, a mannequin, and an empty boat.

AP Photo / Steve Helber

Election Day is fast approaching, and that means the campaign cash is flying around Virginia politics.

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Virginia officials are rolling out a year-long campaign to honor the state’s history. It’s called American Evolution, and is pegged to the 400th anniversary of several big firsts for North America.


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