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The Supreme Court will hear an appeal by Virginia Republicans who are trying to preserve state legislative districts that have been struck down by a lower court as racially discriminatory.

David Kalb

The majestic Elk once roamed southwestern Virginia. They were a food source for native people and later, European settlers from the piedmont to the Appalachian Plateau.  The very last one was shot in 1855.Now Virginia’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is out with a plan to restore the once native species to this region, and it’s seeking your comments. 

David Kalb, project leader for the department of game and inland fisheries, recorded the sounds of a bugling Elk in late September.

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Amazon's HQ2 is getting divided by two.

Instead of building a massive second headquarters in one location, Amazon announced Tuesday that it would build two offices, one in New York City and another in Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C. The specific locations are the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens and Arlington, Va.

One of the issues that became a campaign theme this year was protection for people who have preexisting medical conditions.

Members of the General Assembly are about to consider a state change that could have significant consequences.

Virginia Public Access Project

Charlottesville police have a new tool. And the United Daughters of the Confederacy canceled a planned ceremony in Richmond when protesters gathered. 

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Activists are pushing for Virginia’s lawmakers to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment this year, potentially changing the United States Constitution. To help raise awareness, a group is driving around the state.

The 2018 election is now in the books. But get ready for the next election cycle because the primary is only about seven months away.


These days, most everyone types on computer keyboards. It’s the way we work, play and communicate.  But they’re also becoming musical instruments. 

A computer scientist at Virginia Tech has come up with a new way to ‘play’ them, where the act of striking the keys becomes a new form of artistic expression.    

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Now that Democrats have taken control of the House, Democrats in Virginia’s congressional delegation are about to take on a new and more significant role in the next Congress.

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After a lengthy public hearing Thursday, the state Air Pollution Control Board was expected to vote Friday on a permit for a key piece of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

Instead it put off the decision until December 10th to gather more information.


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