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Court orders EPA to ban pesticide

Aug 10, 2018

It's called chlorpyrifos. It's a widespread and controversial insecticide — and now it's been banned. On Thursday, a federal court ordered the EPA to end the use of the chemical, which has been linked to developmental disabilities in children. DowDuPont Inc. is the largest producer of chlorpyrifos, which is used on crops like soybeans, apples and oranges. 

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Detailing the origins of the celebrity auction

Aug 10, 2018

(U.S. Edition) The plummeting value of the Turkish lira has now gotten the attention of the European Central Bank, which is keeping an eye on how the crisis could be affecting other foreign banks. Also, a federal court has banned an insecticide that has been linked to developmental disabilities in children — the latest development in the insecticide's contentious history. And, if you're in the market for any odd items that have been graced with the presence of a celebrity, Graceland in Memphis is holding an auction that includes things like a jacket from Elvis.

Turkey crisis concerns mount as lira plunge worsens

Aug 10, 2018

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … A fresh plunge in the Turkish lira today is capping a tumultuous week for the country as investors grow increasingly nervous about inaction from the government and central bankers. With a new economic plan set to be released, we’ll explore what options Turkey has to soothe investors’ frayed nerves.  Then, vacationers in Europe might find themselves waiting at the airport for new flights after Ryanair cancelled planned routes amid a pilot strike.

To finish out our series on venture capital, we'll take a look to the future. Cryptocurrency may have its disruptive eye cast toward venture capital. The initial coin offering is a type of crypto-crowdfunding that startups can use to raise cash quickly without kissing the Silicon Valley ring. But do ICOs really have the potential to replace venture capital for startups? We go back to the time Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood spoke with Yuliya Chernova, who covers venture capital for the Wall Street Journal, about the pros and cons of ICOs. 

Has "the film business passed away" with its "most popular" Oscars category?

Aug 9, 2018

The ratings for the Oscars awards ceremony, as a television event, have been dropping steadily for years, with last years' program on ABC the least watched in history. So the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced some changes, including a new category: most popular film. This has a lot of people confused — what makes a movie "popular"?