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When hurricanes hit, they displace a lot of people, some for a few days, a few months, sometimes forever. Afterward, it’s easy to see the physical destruction in their wake, but something less obvious may also be destroyed when the wind and water force people to leave their homes.

Virginia State Police Photo

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management reports at least five deaths and more than 500,000 power outages related to Tropical Storm Michael.

How many competitive congressional races does Virginia have this year. Three? Perhaps four?


You might not expect a professor of engineering to report advances in medicine, but at the University of Virginia that’s what’s happening.  Daniel Quinn might revolutionize care for people with asthma.

Scientists have developed many models to predict what will happen as the world’s climate changes, but it’s not always easy for community planners to use them.  That’s why the Nature Conservancy developed an online tool that combines the best of those models to show likely problems in coastal cities and rural areas between now and the year 2100.