Less than a week before the anniversary of a white supremacist attack on Charlottesville, that community’s leaders are at war with each other – squabbling for more than an hour over the way the city’s mayor has been doing business. 

If white supremacists return to Charlottesville this weekend, they will find a very different city.  There are new rules in place, new leaders in charge, and an even larger group of vocal opponents.  Those changes would make for a different experience this year.

Virginia Tech

There is just a handful of music venues in the world where you can experience a still very new kind of audio known as ‘spatial music’ and Blacksburg is home to one of them.

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What’s the future of energy generation in Virginia? Some recent developments could be a turning point.

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CodeRVA, central Virginia’s newest regional magnet school, is heading into its second year with almost double the students and more than triple the employees.