Floyd Food Bank Will Feed Plenty with $40,000 Grant

Nov 18, 2015

A food bank and farm in Floyd County will be able to feed a lot more people this year ---and for years to come.

The Roanoke Women’s Foundation awarded a $40,000 grant to “Plenty!” a non-profit farm that grows and collects food for people who need it. Jonathan Vandergrift is the farmer there.  He says the grant will help them reach out to a segment of the community that has, sort of been under the radar. 

“One of the things that we find in out county – in Floyd County – is that the Hispanic community is being underserved. So over the last few months – I guess over a year now – we’ve become more and more friends with different pockets of that community. And we’re becoming very aware of the needs that they have.”

Vandergrift says many are agricultural workers who don’t get paid in the winter. Part of the grant will help pay for outreach to communicate the message that PLENTY! is there to provide food and friendship, and community events.

The Roanoke Women’s Foundation gives grants to worthy causes every year.  Their funds come solely from member donations.   Some 160-members each contribute $2,000  and they vote to determine which groups get a grant for doing work that helps the community.

Three more women joined just last week. And the more members, the more money they will have to make more grants next year.