Trump Supporters Dismayed Campaign Is Pulling Out of Virginia

Oct 13, 2016

The presidential campaign may seem endless, but the end is near. That means campaigns are making crucial decisions about how to allocate resources in the final few weeks before Election Day. 

Until a few days ago, Corey Stewart was the chairman of the Trump campaign in Virginia. But then he got fired for leading a protest aimed at embarrassing the Republican National Committee into funding the Trump campaign. Now he’s beside himself that the Trump campaign is pulling out of Virginia. 

“There have been thousands of volunteers working for 15 months, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and the only thing that the Trump campaign needs to win in Virginia is a robust ad program."

Credit AP Photo / Julio Cortez

Republican analyst Dan Scandling says the final few days of a campaign are a time when last minute decisions are guided by limited resources. Oftentimes that means campaigns decide to move resources around where they are needed the most. 

“You saw it two years ago in Northern Virginia when the DCC pulled out in the Comstock race for Foust. They had promised all this money. But in the end they didn’t do it. So now you’re really putting your money where your mouth is."

Hillary Clinton has a nine-point lead in Virginia, according to a recent poll from Roanoke College. But that poll also shows Virginia voters think Trump is more honest than Clinton.