Virginia Kroger Stores to Roll Out New Online Ordering System

Jul 21, 2016

Kroger is the latest supermarket chain to adopt an online grocery ordering system. 

George Anderson, e-Commerce Manager for Kroger’s Mid-Atlantic Region, thinks the new Clicklist system will make grocery shopping a more efficient and timely task.

“You can actually make your grocery order for anything that is sold in that store. You pull up to the store during your time slot and hopefully within five to six minutes we have you loaded, you have paid for your groceries, we have completed the transaction and you are on your way home with the groceries.”

Credit Associated Press

Kroger stores have been slowly implementing the new system over the past several months across the state. The Bonsack store adopted the system in May, with the store in east Salem joining the initiative today. Anderson believes the system will continue to roll out, but several factors go into which stores are considered.

“We are going to first look at the locations where it would be easiest to implement, as well as show the appropriate demographic where we would believe it would be successful.”

While simplicity for the shopper is the primary goal of the initiative, Anderson hopes the new system will also help the local community.

“We have employed approximately 25 new individuals in every single location, so yes; this is definitely a boost for the local economy in the way of additional employment.” 

The Clicklist system has been in testing for two years and should be implemented in over one hundred stores across the nation before the end of the year.