A new billboard has gone up in near the busy intersection of Route 250 and High Street in Charlottesville, rekindling the debate over what should be done with statues of two confederate generals.

For more than 100 years, a company called Woolen Mills produced cloth and military uniforms in Albemarle County.  It was, for a time, one of the largest mills in the U.S., but it closed in the 1960’s.  Now, with state help, a new enterprise is taking over, replacing broken windows and dusty plant floors with a 21st century enterprise.

Despite a falling crime rate, Virginia continues to spend more than a billion dollars a year on corrections.  A commission appointed by Governor McAulifee considered restoring parole as a means of reducing the prison population but recommended, instead, that judges consider punishments other than prison. 

Charlottesville and Albemarle County have been doing just that, diverting people convicted of possessing or using drugs.

Herb Dickerson spent most of his adult life addicted to drugs.

Charlottesville’s public transit service says it will add a video to its driver training program after a man with epilepsy complained that he was left by the side of a busy road while having a seizure. 

Ashton Erler

State and local police held a news conference to congratulate themselves on a fine job in Charlottesville this year. They can’t say how much it cost to put a thousand officers and several helicopters in the city for a largely peaceful weekend, but they’re claiming success.