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U.S. Congress

Virginia Democrat Bobby Scott may not be locked in a tough reelection campaign, but party leaders want him to play a big role in the election outcome this fall through getting behind his plan for debt–free college.

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Republicans in Washington are locked in a debate over what Congress should, or even can do, about immigration reform this election year.

And most Virginia Republicans are sticking to party leader’s script.

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Virginia’s 7th Congressional District is represented by Republican Dave Brat. He’s taken heat from Democrats ever since he was caught on tape at a fundraiser, criticizing activists as being up “in my grill.”

The comments added fuel to the fire, energizing Democrats to take Brat on in the 2018 midterms. Still, the largely rural seat in Central Virginia is a long shot.

Some Virginia Republicans are reviving a dormant congressional caucus aimed at highlighting constitutional obligations, but Democrats accuse them of hypocrisy for failing to conduct simple oversight on the Trump administration.

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Virginia’s Seventh District is a small slice of the state, but the Congressional race there is drawing a lot of attention. Democrats think they can pick up the seat in the 2018 midterms. But first they have to choose a candidate.