Democratic Party of Virginia

AP Photo / Steve Helber

The retirement of a Republican in the House of Delegates is prompting a new wave of soul searching among Democrats.

The Republican Party is sharply divided over its controversial candidate for U. S. Senate.

But the Democrats are also divided.  Political observers say some Democrats in the House of Delegates are staging an insurgency.

Democrats now have a slate of candidates heading into the fall election that may not be as progressive as some would like.  But that might end up helping them in the fall.

When the Virginia General Assembly convenes next month, there’ll be a lot of new faces. Among them, New River Valley Democrat Chris Hurst.  His race turned out to be most expensive in state history and part of the blue wave that rafted more Democrats into the house, than we’ve seen in a generation. 

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Democrats know they have an image problem among rural Americans.  The only Democratic Delegate west of Charlottesville is trying to flip the script.