The practice of burning toxic munitions waste in the open air at military sites will soon get more scrutiny than ever before. Congress has tasked the Pentagon with examining the practice at more than 60 installations around the country, including the Radford Arsenal in southwestern Virginia.

Southwest Virginia is known for its wood industry.  But in many places, sawmills have closed. Local logs are now shipped internationally to be processed. And that means places like Floyd County are looking for innovative ways to market their natural resources and their creative flair.  

A woman who fought quietly for justice and equality is being honored this weekend in Christiansburg, Virginia.  

Civil rights icon Nannie Hairston passed away last year at 94. The local NAACP chapter honored her with its first Community Service Award, created in her name.

Virginia Tech

There is just a handful of music venues in the world where you can experience a still very new kind of audio known as ‘spatial music’ and Blacksburg is home to one of them.

Blowing the lid off the Flint Michigan water pollution crisis was a watershed moment in this country.  It began as a crusade, first, just to prove there was a problem and ultimately, for public officials to address it.