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Virginia Tech

Our electronic devices have made communicating quick and easy, but social scientists say, there’s a downside to our ‘always on’ work culture that’s hurting employees and their families. 

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The aviation giant Boeing is getting behind Virginia Tech's multifacted approach to tackling technology challenges.

Blowing the lid off the Flint Michigan water pollution crisis was a watershed moment in this country.  It began as a crusade, first, just to prove there was a problem and ultimately, for public officials to address it.

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Most people know that wearing a bike helmet reduces the chances you’ll be injured if you crash. But until now, there were no ratings that tracked actual, real world head impacts to determine which helmets protect best.

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SpaceX is a company run by Elon Musk. It’s made headlines for revolutionizing space travel. But the company is also focused on travel right here on Earth, a high-speed futuristic train called the Hyperloop.