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Organic chicken farming and industrial chicken production have been polar opposites up until now. But a Virginia man is looking to change that.  And newly released numbers show how some Virginia communities have been inundated by opioids.

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Democrats in the House of Representatives have taken action to raise the minimum wage. But will workers see a benefit?

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You’ve heard that Virginia is for lovers, but state officials are hoping you’ll also soon think of the Commonwealth as a home for outdoor lovers too.

It’s been five months since Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal upended Virginia politics.

Now, new campaign finance disclosures show the governor’s political action committee is up and running.

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Richmond’s public housing authority is reassuring residents they won’t be displaced by a long term plan to replace the city’s housing projects. Community members turned out by the dozens Wednesday evening to speak against the proposal. 


The latest round of campaign-finance documents are shedding new light on the contours of Election 2019.


This past weekend undocumented immigrants across Virginia braced for raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As of Tuesday those threats appear not to have materialized. Still advocates say there’s been an uptick in safety checkpoints. 

The House of Representatives is set to vote this week on raising the minimum wage. And, Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott is leading the charge.

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Faced with worrisome warnings of climate change, Virginia is weighing green options for producing energy.  Solar and wind are sources favored by this state’s two largest utilities, but what about water power?  Virginia is blessed with mountains and rivers, not unlike a place where dams provide 60% of the power.

Community Farmer’s markets bring a bounty of locally grown food, and cottage industries to town.  And these small business owners often have a special kind of dedication to their customers, their employees, and, in this case,  to the welfare of people they don’t even know.


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