Food Fashions for Fall

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It’s October, and consumers can now buy clothes styled for the season by designers in Paris and NewYork.  Likewise, food fashions are changing.  Sandy Hausman reports on trends for 2019 – where they come from and why.

In restaurants everywhere, chefs must consider ingredients, so changing seasons are one key to culinary trends according to Alice Waters, a Berkley, California chef who founded what’s come to be known as the slow food movement.

Nolan Stout

Unions in this country have been losing membership since 1930, when more than a third of non-farm workers belonged to a labor organization. Now, however, one group of employees is showing strong interest in unionizing.


Congressman Denver Riggleman held a town hall meeting in Bedford last week – attracting a friendly crowd of about a hundred in a largely conservative area.  The following day in Charlottesville, a group of unhappy constituents went to Riggleman’s district office to complain. 


A Virginia case is once again headed for the U.S. Supreme Court as opponents of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline try to prevent construction of that 600-mile project from West Virginia to North Carolina. 

Virginia Public Access Project

Washington, D.C. isn't the only place where controversy has arisen over whether an elected official should be removed from office.  And the return of dolphins in large numbers to the Potomac River is a sign of change.

Kurt Holtz

A salamander found only in Virginia, just got a leg up.  Once considered a vulnerable species, it’s now Ooff the endangered list, thanks to a 20-year collaborative effort by scientists and government wildlife agencies. 

It’s a win, not only for this unique amphibian, but also for an area that’s one of the states’ greatest natural treasures. 

Running an election every year costs more money, that’s the bottom line, but it’s tough to pin down exactly how much more.  


One watchdog group is worried about government ethics in Virginia. And, it’s challenging candidates for the General Assembly to do something about it.

A settlement with the state will put the Mountain Valley Pipeline under stricter monitoring.

The deal was announced Friday by the Attorney General’s Office.

Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIOIQ



The latest monument on Capitol Square, in Richmond, is dedicated to women. When construction began two years ago it was the first of its kind at any state capitol in the country.


David Sedaris in Charlottesville

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