Virginia Lawmakers Vote To Legalize Marijuana In 2024

Virginia lawmakers have given final approval to a bill that will legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. But legalization will not occur until 2024, when retail sales of the drug would also begin.

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Virginia Public Access Project

Va. News: Goals Accomplished

Va Capitol Police Twitter Page; @VaCapitolPolice

Lawmakers Pass Bill Giving Home Health Workers Sick Leave

Lawmakers are ending the General Assembly session with a major compromise on expungement.


While headlines announced Virginia would legalize marijuana, it turns out that’s not a done deal. Bills approved by the state House and Senate were not identical, and a committee is now trying to agree on how to proceed.

Justin Mathias

New research out of West Virginia University says trees are now taking up more Carbon Dioxide than ever recorded. And because forests are the planet’s carbon sink, trees all over the world are actually growing larger to keep up with rising CO2. 

Va Capitol Police Twitter Page; @VaCapitolPolice

As the General Assembly session winds down, Michael Pope talked to Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Jeff Shapiro about what happened and what didn't happen.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Two important bills designed to reduce litter in Virginia were approved by the General Assembly this week, but not without a compromise that makes some environmentalists uneasy. 

Victory Hall Opera

COVID has put the kibosh on most live performances in this country, but an opera produced in Charlottesville will go on in an unusual way. 

AP Photo / Keith Srakocic, File

Thursday negotiators from the House and Senate agreed on a budget proposal.

Voters may be about to get better data about elections. But, it won't be this year.

Lawmakers are sending the governor several bills aimed at preventing gun violence. But there's one bill they're not sending him.

MBandman / Flickr, Creative Commons:

Lawmakers are taking action to change how the cash bail system works.


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