There is no more quintessentially American music, than the ‘spiritual.’ First sung by enslaved African-Americans four centuries ago, today its influence is heard in everything from rhythm and blues to classical music. There’s a performance this Saturday evening at the Moss Arts Center in Blacksburg that explores the art of the spiritual.

Charlottesville city government was upended after a woman was killed and others injured in a car attack by a white supremacist in 2017. White nationalists had targeted Charlottesville for a "Unite The Right Rally" after the Virginia town decided to take down a Confederate statue, part of its reckoning with a fraught racial history.

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Immigration is once again in the spotlight here in Virginia, where the issue has become a dividing line between the parties.

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Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu was in Richmond Tuesday. He spoke with the city’s mayor and shared some of the things he learned in his quest to remove the Confederate monuments in his city.

For decades, indoor air pollution has actually exceeded outdoor pollution. And that’s because in a closed environment, synthetic materials in things like flooring and furniture, outgas, sending particles into the air. Some are harmful to health. Now, scientists at Virginia Tech are working to flag which ones are dangerous, so they can be replaced with safer materials. 

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A course at Roanoke College is the latest example of an exchange program that’s having a long-term impact for some. 

It pairs traditional students with those housed in the county jail. They spend a few months studying together, but also learning about one another.

Virginia Department of Emergency Management

People across Virginia participated in the state's annual tornado drill Tuesday.

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Are Republicans in Virginia guilty of racial gerrymandering? That’s a question currently being considered by the highest court in the land.

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More than a million Virginians were born in another country. Those immigrants are just the latest in a long line of people who have shaped the state. Their stories are being highlighted in an exhibit at the Library of Virginia.




Virginia kids joined today's global protest against climate change. A group of about 100 students rallied at city hall in Charlottesville and then marched to the county building to demand government action on this pressing environmental concern.


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