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U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross made a stop in Roanoke Friday to tout President Trump’s NAFTA replacement.


Virginia is still waiting on the federal government to make a determination on work requirements for Medicaid expansion. And, new research shows they might be counterproductive.

Two presidential candidates will be in Virginia this weekend. They’re speaking to hundreds of state Democrats at the annual Blue Commonwealth Gala.


Surveys have become so common in this country that many people are refusing to take them, making it harder to do polls. That’s why the Weldon Cooper Center at the University of Virginia is taking a new approach and has issued its first findings.

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Is America falling behind the rest of the world in aeronautics? Senator Mark Warner fears that might be happening, and now he’s working with Republicans in Congress to help fund new research capabilities.

Town of Pulaski

In most places these days, food is something you buy in a supermarket. It’s gotten so some towns hardly have sidewalks anymore, just roadways for people to drive from place to place. It’s the kind of set up that can actually affect people’s health. But, the town of Pulaski, in southwestern Virginia is on a tear to bring back those lost connections.

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Two local races in Northern Virginia might have big implications for the criminal justice system in Virginia.




An outbreak of mumps at an immigration detention center in Virginia is growing. Authorities say there are now 24 confirmed or suspected cases at the Farmville facility. That’s up from 16 cases last week. Immigrant advocates say it’s part of a larger problem.

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A growing number of House Democrats have now joined the chorus calling to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

But most Virginia Democrats aren’t singing the same tune. 


Virginia's closely watched off-year primary contest produced plenty of surprises Tuesday, but little in the way of a coherent message.


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