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New congresswoman Abigail Spanberger kept a campaign promise and met with constituents Tuesday night for a town hall. It’s the first public forum Virginia’s seventh congressional district has had in two years.

The blackface scandal may end up derailing the political career of two statewide elected officials.

But it may also end up changing policy in Virginia.

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How much influence should health insurance providers have over which drugs you take? That’s an issue lawmakers are debating in Richmond.

Preserve Bent Mountain

Two Roanoke lawyers have been documenting work rule violations on the Mountain Valley Pipeline construction project. They shared their findings with government officials and, last week, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia launched a criminal investigation into the matter.


When they hear statistics about climate change or see graphs and charts, many people shut down – unwilling to think about what could be the most serious issue of our times.  To draw them back into a conversation about our warming planet, two faculty members at UVA are using something called eco-acoustics – sounds that illustrate the relationship between humans and their environment. 

Should parents to able to veto some materials used in public schools when bullying or suicide prevention is on the agenda?

Lawmakers in Richmond are considering a proposal that would shed greater light on how state government works.

American Chestnut Foundation

In the face of climate change, people may feel frustrated – uncertain what they can do to make a difference.  Scientists say planting trees is one important way to help, and there’s a movement underway in this part of the world to restore the American Chestnut. 

Virginia Public Access Project

Chesapeake is working on changes to law that has made the city a national punch line. And shrinking profits are making it hard for many cities to keep their recycling programs alive.

For neighborhoods along the Atlantic coast and the Chesapeake Bay, recurrent flooding that comes with climate change makes it hard to navigate, especially during seasonal high tides and more frequent extreme wind events like Nor'easters.

Now, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science has a tool to help people throughout the region prepare for a flood.


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