State Health Officials: Demand for Vaccines Far Outpacing Actual Supply

It’s been a tough week for state and local health departments, scrambling to meet demand for COVID vaccine. Today, they took time out to tell reporters about the challenges ahead.

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Public Health Experts Beg for Patience

Jan 22, 2021
Virginia Department of Health

It’s been a tough week for state and local health departments, scrambling to meet demand for COVID vaccine.  Today, they took time out to tell reporters about the challenges ahead as Sandy Hausman reports.

On Wednesday, Blue Ridge Health Department Director Denise Bonds was telling people there was enough vaccine to meet demand, but late that afternoon she and other districts learned that – in fact – supplies were being cut.

Delegates Call for Utility Rate Reform

Jan 22, 2021

State lawmakers hoping to reform the way utilities work in Virginia suffered a defeat in the General Assembly this week, but they’re hoping for success next week when a package of bills will come up for consideration.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

There are 60 public utilities in Virginia – monopoly companies regulated by the state, and many make campaign contributions to lawmakers.  Critics say that’s a conflict of interest, but this week a Senate Committee voted not to ban those donations.  Among those opposing the bill, Lynchburg-area Republican Mark Peake.

Courtesy Natural Capital Investment Fund, © Sam Levitan

With the new administration putting climate at the top of the agenda, advocates for coal communities in transition are asking for a seat at the table--- literally. They hope to see an ‘Office of Economic Transition’ created in the White House to reinforce the idea that climate change and climate justice must go hand in hand.

Performance Artists, Steven Licardi and Courtney Surmanec work in a field they call “creative aging.’ They wanted to do something to help keep people stay engaged in life and connected in these times, when everywhere, doors were closing.

School divisions across Virginia are struggling to make sure they have the kind of broadband connections necessary for distance learning.

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would move all local elections from May to November.

Last summer's demonstrations over racial justice and Confederate monuments are causing lawmakers to rethink the definition of a hate crime and who can be prosecuted for one.

Updated at 1:20 p.m. ET

President Biden gave his first presidential address to Americans on Wednesday in a star-studded Inauguration Day event that went unattended by his predecessor.

In his remarks, Biden promised to help the nation heal, both from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as from political rifts that had deepened considerably during the term of former President Donald Trump.

Updated at 10:10 a.m. ET

Unwilling to admit defeat but with his time in office at its end, President Trump left the White House early Wednesday, skipping the Inauguration Day ceremony that generations of outgoing presidents have attended — a symbolic peaceful transfer of power that had been made all but impossible by his actions after losing the election to Joe Biden.

Senate of Virginia Livestream

Members of the Virginia state Senate are taking action to censure a senator who spoke at the rally that led to the attack on the Capitol.


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