Dem's Primary Debates Come Early and Often This Year

9 hours ago

It’s not just the winter holiday season that seems to come earlier and earlier.  Now it’s that American electoral exercise, known as primary season. As Robbie Harris reports, this time is different.

Never before has there been a field this large of presidential wannabees. This part of the election cycle used to be called, the invisible primary stage, before things really got underway in January.

Benjamin Chan / Creative Commons

A recent Supreme Court decision upended how courts view religious freedom, making it possible for corporations to deny certain health services to female employees based on a religious exemption. Now, two Virginia Congressman are now heavily involved in the debate.

The Fredericksburg General District Court is a red-brick courthouse with Greek columns in a picturesque, Colonial Virginia town. A horse and carriage are usually parked outside the visitor center down the street.

When parents are in the midst of a nasty divorce, courts in Virginia may appoint a lawyer to represent their kids. 

It’s an important job, but some of these attorneys fall short and efforts to improve performance have failed.

Al Stanford via / CC

There are an estimated 18,000 black bears roaming around Virginia, and at this time of year there are lots of mothers and cubs. 

Most are healthy, but wildlife watchers report a growing number have mange. 

Rural broadband may be coming to a farm near you, thanks to new money from the United States Department of Agriculture. / Flickr

It’s tax time again.

Virginia Public Access Project

A Virginia Indian tribe that's been without a cultural base for three centuries will soon have one.  And a small town on the Eastern Shore is wondering how to deal with a plaque that memorializes both World War One soldiers and segregation. 

Courtesy Radford Early Childhood Learning Center

Turns out, necessity is the mother of invention.

Seven years ago, the city of Radford had no accredited child care center, an important standard to ensure high quality early education. No national company was willing come to town because the population in the area is small, and a high percentage of children live below the poverty level. Despite the odds, they made it happen by turning every ‘no’ into a ‘yes.'                                                                       

Budget officials in Washington are considering an accounting tweak that could harm people who live in poverty.


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