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For R&B singer Kem, music is a map to himself

For R&B singer Kem, music is a balm for pain and addiction, for a family life that wasn’t always pretty. In his new memoir, music is a map he uses to find himself. 

“[Musical] Seeds from Africa spreading to Alabama, up through Tennessee, and straight into Detroit City,” he writes. “Beboppers, doo-woppers, scat-singing chicks, smooth-singing cats, crooners who calmed the restless soul of a trouble people … it was all part of me. It was my inheritance.” 

Those musical seeds sprouted more than two decades ago with the release of his debut album, Kemistry, in 2003. 

Since then, Kem has released six more albums and received three grammy nominations. And now he’s written a memoir. It’s called, “Share My Life: A Journey of Love, Faith, and Redemption.” 

We speak to the singer abouthis life, his musical career, and singing about love. 

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