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Big Businesses in Virginia Want Better Access to Renewable Energy Sources

Patrick Finnegan / Flickr

18 major corporations have joined forces in an effort to make renewable energy in Virginia more accessible.

Companies such as Microsoft, Walmart and Adobe have all signed a letter calling on Virginia’s legislature to provide better opportunities to source renewable energy within the Commonwealth.

Alli Gold Roberts is manager of the State Policy Program at Ceres, the organization that spearheaded the collaboration, and explains how these companies came to this point:

“The regulatory space in Virginia has created problems for companies who are working to access renewable energy in different ways, and in particular a lot of companies all had a footprint in Virginia and said can we work together collectively to make the grid in Virginia clean.”

Laws currently in place in Virginia make it difficult for large corporate energy users to access renewable energy – something that many of the companies that signed the letter have vowed to further implement into their business strategies.

The companies did, however, praise the Commonwealth for the strides it has already taken in increasing access to renewable energy sources for businesses.