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In recent months, Richmonders have been deciding how best to memorialize the city's difficult history with race and slavery. Between state and city funds there are almost 20 million dollars to spend on a slavery museum and improvements to the city's Slave Trail.

Lumpkin's Jail, or "the devil's half acre" was the city's most notorious slave jail from the 1830's to the Civil War -- when Richmond was one of the largest hubs of slave trading in America.

Joy of Jumping Boosts Virginia Business

Dec 10, 2015

The modern-day trampoline was introduced in 1936 by a professional - a circus acrobat, and the American Academy of Pediatrics warns against their use at home.  In fact, more than a million people went to emergency rooms between 2002 and 2011 with injuries sustained while jumping. But that hasn't stopped indoor trampoline parks from springing up all over the state.



For the past five years a think-tank in Richmond has been researching, crunching numbers and collecting interviews to answer the question: What does the region's future look like?  Thursday night, for the first time, they delivered some of their findings to a packed auditorium at the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Virginia Tech’s Director of Creative Writing has a new book out. It’s a collection of prayers. He says the work of crafting a prayer is like what writers struggle with every day, expressing emotion, desires, hopes and dreams.  But as you’ll hear in this story, the book is a very different take on what you may think of as a prayer.

UnMonumental: Let's Get the Conversation Started

Nov 30, 2015