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Words You Never Want to Hear

Nov 15, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, at the end of a cut, my stylist said, “Hmm…your hair looks strange.”   A week of high humidity had made me resemble a poodle.  Perhaps that’s what she meant. As you might imagine, her statement jarred me.

On the Advisability of Swearing

Nov 15, 2018

Recently, after four attempts, a TSA agent failed to collect a non-fuzzy image of my fingerprints. No matter how firmly I pressed and no matter how I positioned my hand, the device would not record my prints crisply. Maybe I should be grateful. My inability to leave clear fingerprints might be helpful if I ever decide to become a criminal.

Living Forever

Aug 30, 2018
Deborah Prum

My dad died in March. Even though he needed a pacemaker to regulate his heart and he was a brittle, non-compliant diabetic, his death still shocked us.

Often, my father would start a sentence, “If I ever die….”--as if the inevitability of his death was not a foregone conclusion. Somehow, we bought into his way of thinking.

If I Was You

Aug 30, 2018
Deborah Prum

In my hip hop class, we dance to a Meghan Trainor song whose lyrics are:

If I was you, I would wanna be me, too.

I would wanna be me, too.”

Your Happy Little Pill

May 8, 2018

Your Happy Little Pill by Kataeya Daley, a student at UVA School of Nursing