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Don't Grab The Stick

Apr 20, 2018

Once, as I waited for my husband, Bruce, outside the door of a Trader Joe’s in Manhattan, a blond-haired man walked up and stood uncomfortably close to me, definitely well within my personal space. He looked as if he’d stepped out of a Brooks Brothers catalogue—collar turned up, arms of a cashmere sweater wrapped around his shoulders, khaki pants, loafers, no socks.  He lit up a cigarette, then turned so he was mere inches from my face.  He smiled and blew smoke straight at me. I edged away, moving to the other side of the door.

From Charlottesville With Love

Feb 9, 2018

One morning, as I drove down a narrow country lane in Charlottesville, I spotted an African-American boy, about eleven, perched on a bike. He sat in the middle of the road, precisely at the center of a blind curve.

Ten Tips For Getting Well

Feb 9, 2018

When you are sick, don’t watch the nightly news. If you do, in addition to your current illness, you will wind up developing an ulcer. Also, don’t view Stranger Things when you’re feverish. You will regret it, unless you are the sort of person who dropped LSD during college years.

While There Is Still Music

Dec 22, 2017

As we head into a new year, many of us will be looking for inspiration – to lose weight, add exercise or make other changes in our lives.

Seeing The Deadish

Dec 22, 2017

In this age of alternative facts, almost anything can be up for debate.  Take one obvious distinction – whether someone is dead or alive.