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Restaurants feel the pinch as shutdown drags on

7 hours ago

Washington, D.C. sub and hoagie spot Bub and Pops is pretty low key on Tuesdays — but it's been a little quieter of late. 

“We would have at least 10 to 15 people in line and …. there’s only three people waiting at the counter,” said co-owner Arlene Wagner.

It’s been getting worse since the partial government shutdown began, Wagner added, with business down 25 percent.  She’s hoping she won’t have to let any of her employees go.


8 hours ago

In the past two years, President Trump has changed the way we talk about business and economic life in this country. He views the economy through a transactional lens: there are always deals to be made or renegotiated. He's the CEO of America, Inc., relying largely on his instincts and owning successes and stock market records. We’ve identified 10 moments that illuminate how the president thinks and what's changed, and we'll roll them out all week.

A listener questioned our story about going cashless in Shanghai — specifically, when we reported $23 trillion worth of mobile payment transactions in China in 2016:

97: Think before you major

8 hours ago

Picture this: After years of hard work, the world is your oyster. You're about to graduate with an advanced degree into a prestigious field. Then, you're out to lunch and you see a restaurant manager position that pays just as much as your hopeful starting salary, but without the student debt attached. One of our listeners was in that position recently. And he's not alone: Americans face $1.3+ trillion in student debt, and less assurance the job market's going to provide salaries to cover it.

The partial government shutdown is hurting individuals, businesses, and the larger economy. But as the shutdown continues, some businesses are finding ways to build marketing campaigns around offers to help federal workers. What are the pros and cons from a business marketing standpoint of companies jumping into this political moment?

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