Earlier this year President Obama traveled to Alaska to highlight what he called the frontline of climate change. But a report published in Nature, says residents of Virginia's Tangier Island, just 90 miles southeast of Washington, D.C., on the Chesapeake Bay, may be forced to leave during the next 25 years.

Piedmont Environmental Council Celebrates New Home

Dec 10, 2015

As the suburbs of Washington  grew, people who loved the rural feel of neighboring Virginia counties were alarmed.  Residents of Albemarle County were equally worried as Charlottesville began to expand.  Today, a group called the Piedmont Environmental Council has emerged as a champion of farmland, forests and historic sites in nine counties south and west of D.C.

Students at Virginia Tech are getting a real taste of what it’s like to deal with invasive species.  Once they’re established, it’s almost impossible to eradicate them, but as we hear in this report, some are saying, ‘If you can’t beat ‘em.  Eat ‘em.

“OK most creative: We have a tie for second …”

Assistant professor of invasive plant pathology, Jacob Barney is announcing the winners at this invasive species potluck.

“And we have the crawfish cornbread.  But the clear favorite was the ice cream.”

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Virginia Republicans are trying to derail the global climate change talks in Paris. Matt Laslo reports on the battle raging in Washington that will be felt across Virginia. 

The US Senate recently passed legislation by a slim majority to block the new carbon reduction rules coming from the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Virginia's Growing Oyster Industry Tempts Poachers

Dec 1, 2015

Virginia is touting itself as the East Coast oyster capitol, last year harvesting more than half-a-million wild and farmed oysters valued at nearly $34 million. The growing industry is making it more tempting to poachers.

It's still dark on a cold, windy December morning when three men move quietly through marsh grasses and down to a dock. They lower their boat into the Rappahannock River. But these aren't poachers.