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Parts of Montgomery County in southwestern Virginia are like small islands of blue in a sea of red. It’s home to two universities, where many residents lean to the liberal side. But the county as a whole has gone for the Democrat just three times in the last 14 presidential elections. 

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The race for mayor in Richmond has taken another surprising turn.  Former state Delegate Joe Morrissey – known for having an affair with his 17-year-old intern, brawling outside the courthouse and bringing an AK-47 onto the floor of the General Assembly, leads in the polls. 

Now, Morrissey faces a new scandal.

Last week, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported a former client of lawyer Joe Morrissey’s had accused him of pressuring her for sex. Morrissey has denied those charges.

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Some Virginia lawmakers are hoping to reform presidential campaign laws after the election. 

Donald Trump is the first president in the modern era to not release his tax returns, so we don’t know how much he’s worth or how much he pays in taxes.

But what we do know, according to Federal Election Commission filings, is that Trump family businesses have been paid more than eight million dollars from the Trump campaign this election cycle. That doesn’t sit well with many Democrats, like Northern Virginia’s Gerry Connolly.

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During the final months of his administration, President Barack Obama is commuting the sentences in federal drug -related cases across the United States. Michael Pope has this look at how the president’s actions here in Virginia might be a turning point in the war on drugs.

On the Ballot: A Thorough Look at State Races

Nov 2, 2016
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President of the United States isn't the only office that will be on your ballot this election day. Every congressional seat in Virginia is also up for grabs. Virginia currently has 11 congressional representatives: eight Republicans and three Democrats. We've compiled this information on your choices, so there will be no surprises when you look at the ballot come Tuesday.