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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This week, the Centers for Disease Control suggested a national outbreak of flu may have peaked, but here experts say that might not be the case.

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Prescription painkillers and their chemical cousin, heroin, killed more than 1,400 people in this state last year alone. Experts blame doctors for prescribing too many addictive pills, but another group of professionals that bears some responsibility for this epidemic and some power to prevent future deaths.

Experts will gather in Roanoke tomorrow night to discuss how gas pipelines, slated to be built in Virginia, might affect human health. They’ll compare renewable energy with natural gas and explore how each impacts water and land, --as well as physical and mental health.

Centers for Disease Control

Last year, more than 1,300 Lyme disease cases were reported to the state’s Department of Health – making it the second-most prevalent communicable disease in Virginia.  State health officials say those Lyme disease numbers could continue to rise.

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Last month, Republicans predicted the Affordable Care Act was on the verge of collapse, but now insurance companies are starting to make plans for the coming year. And so far, Virginia’s marketplace for subsidized health insurance remains strong.