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On the surface, one could assume that the comprehensive nature of the Affordable Care Act will provide some level of medical care for all Americans. As such, what is the future of free clinics? Tab O’Neal reports:

Sharpening the Brain's Performance

Jun 10, 2013

A study by researchers at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute could one day result in doctors prescribing drugs for Alzheimer’s patients to be taken while they’re performing a specific activity, rather than, say,  just sitting in front of a television set.  The scientists discovered how certain drugs sharpen the brain’s performance.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, implementation of the Affordable Care Act is coming, and the reality is it will have an impact on businesses—large and small. 

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce led a strategy session for its members to help make implementation less burdensome.

Bike the US for MS

Jun 5, 2013

The weather this week has been perfect for a bike ride and some Virginians are taking full advantage.

Brain Cancer Research

Jun 3, 2013
National Cancer Institute

Researchers at the University of Virginia say they’ve found a possible target for treating the most common and deadly form of brain cancer, and this discovery could lead to treatments that will attack other forms of cancer. 

Glioblastomas are an aggressive form of brain cancer which spreads like ivy and cannot be completely removed with surgery. 

There is no cure, and patients, on average, live less than two years, but scientists at the University of Virginia have identified an enzyme – DGK Alpha -- that could be essential to the formation of malignant brain tumors.