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 When a tragedy like yesterday’s shootings takes place, some people feel the need to look away.

But one person who has been there says you should do just the opposite… and that American society must look even more deeply at this phenomenon, if it is to have any hope of preventing these tragedies. 

WDBJ Journalists Fatally Shot at Smith Mountain Lake

Aug 26, 2015
WDBJ via Twitter

  3:55 UDATE: Portions of Williams's manifesto have been published by ABC News where he alleges he experienced instances of racial discrimination and bullying at work, and cites the Charleston Church shooting as a tipping point.  

2:15 UPDATE: Outlets report that the suspect has died. 

1:55 UPDATE: Vicki Gardner, head of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce, is out of surgery and is reportedly in stable condition.

Lynchburg Authorities on Gang Intervention

Aug 25, 2015

From Galax to Radford, Roanoke,Richmond and Danville to Charlottesville gangs are in Virginia. Earlier this month there was a killing of a teen in Lynchburg that police say is gang related. 

While the numbers of gang members in the Commonwealth may not be as high as major metropolitan areas they do impact our communities.

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While his wife is still in the midst of the appeals process for her federal corruption convictions, former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is nearing the end of his fight to beat the convictions against him. The 4th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals has denied his request to remain free as he pursues an appeal to the nation’s highest court. 

Legal analyst Todd Stone says it's possible—but not likely —that the Supreme Court would stay the order that McDonnell report to prison.

Information for Financial Caregivers

Aug 17, 2015
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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released the first new state-specific guides for financial caregivers—to help educate people about the process of managing someone else’s money.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring says the guides provide caregivers with critical information on how to get started, how to prevent scams and financial exploitation, and how to fulfill their duties.