Business Magnate and Inventor Elon Musk is a man known for his work on transportation of the future, be it space travel or electric vehicles.  His latest quest is something called a “Hyperloop,”  a new kind of super-fast transportation that’s still in the design stage.  At a competition of prototypes this past weekend, Virginia Tech’s entry showed well.  

Some Hokies came home happy from the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Competition, after taking fourth place out of more than 115 student design teams. Daniel Kimminau is the project manager for Hyperloop at Virginia Tech.

For years we’ve heard talk of a high speed rail line connecting Richmond and Washington D.C. Well, a plan is in place and on track to be completed within the next decade.

The state isn’t planning on building a new rail line, but making improvements so that the existing line goes faster. Emily Stock is the manager of rail planning for the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation. She says travel time between the state capitol and the nation’s capitol is almost three hours, and the goal is to halve that.

Train Derailment in Pulaski County

Jul 14, 2015

Emergency crews are responding to a train derailment in the Dublin area of Pulaski County.
It happened around 4:oo p.m. Tuesday, when two westbound trains collided.  Here's the written statement from Norfolk Southern:

The Cars of the Future are Already Here

Jun 11, 2015
Virginia Tech, Center for Automated Vehicle Systems

Researchers will soon begin testing automated cars on Virginia Roadways. But the advent of truly driverless cars is still pretty far down the road.

On the outside this looks like any normal Cadillac SRX a sleek, a 2013 luxury SUV.  But it’s been retrofitted with screens and sensors.  A small antenna on top with a GPS and Wi-Fi receiver detecting obstacles ahead, in this case, a tester wearing what looks like a construction worker’s vest containing a transmitter. 

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"Measure twice, cut once." The old adage holds especially true for the many motorists who will hit the road this summer. One veteran motorcyclist is asking millions of drivers to measure their surroundings to AVOID cutting off, hitting, or injuring “two-wheelers.”

After he was approached by Allstate to participate in a motorcycle awareness campaign, veteran motorcyclist Nate Hudson embarked on a 111-day trek across all 50 states. And the first thing he wants to relay is the onus isn't just on drivers to keep riders safe.