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Religious Leaders call for Attorney General's Impeachment

Steve Helber/AP via NPR

A coalition of faith-based groups says its members have been betrayed by Attorney General Mark Herring, who they say has gone against the will of the people by fighting to overturn Virginia's gay marriage ban approved by voters just eight years ago.

The groups want Herring to be impeached, step down, or assign a special attorney to represent the state in the related court case.

The clergy members and faith-based groups say they're united in insuring that marriage stays between a man and a woman. Radio Host and President of First Amendment, Inc., Craig Johnson, objects to the notion that within eight years, a younger electorate is trying to change the voters’ settled decision. He says gays already can marry a member of the opposite sex in Virginia—but demand a special carve-out instead.
And former Presbyterian Church leader John Sloop says although some clergy members would disagree, the religious same-sex marriage movement is not following Scripture.
The coalition also suggests that Governor McAuliffe should ask Herring to represent state law—but Herring has said that McAuliffe supports his actions.

Herring planned to attend the court hearing in Norfolk Thursday to support those seeking to overturn the state constitutional marriage provision . That hearing has been postponed due to inclement weather in the Tidewater area.  No word yet on the date for the re-scheduled hearing.


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