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Super Tuesday in Virginia

Virginia is one of a dozen ‘Super Tuesday’ states voting in their Republican contests tomorrow.  On the Democratic side, we’re one of eleven. And if you’re wondering if your vote counts in such a big election, here’s why it does.  

Virginia Tech Political Science Professor, Caitlin Jewitt is writing a book about the Presidential primaries. She says in this year’s election, Virginians are positioned to see their votes have a real impact on who gets their parties’ nominations.

“In other nomination years, voters in Virginia have voted after there’s already a clear choice in who will be the nominee.  So the fact that the race is still competitive on both the Democratic and the Republican sides means that there’s a greater chance for meaningful participation by Virginia voters.”

She points out that Virginia is one of the states which allows people decide which party primary to participate in, right up until they cast their votes. More than half the states require voting only if you’ve registered for a particular party.  And she adds that if for some reason you arrive at the polls and don’t see your name on the list to vote, you can request and must be given a provisional ballot then and there.