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New Virginia Laws Go Into Effect July 1st

 A series of new laws are set to go into effect tomorrow, including parts of a landmark gun compromise between Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe and Republican lawmakers.

The gun measures will allow more out-of-state concealed-handgun permit holders to legally carry guns in Virginia while prohibiting people subject to permanent protective orders from carrying firearms. Police presence will also be required at gun shows for voluntary background checks.

Other new laws include a prohibition against smoking in a cars when there are children seven or younger in the vehicle. The state is also raising the minimum age to get marriedto 18 without approval from a judge.

Virginia will also start mandating 20 minutes of physical activity a day for elementary school students. Fantasy Sports will also be regulated.

Among others, one mandates that college and university staff members who investigate sexual assaults to go through sensitivity training. The handling and collection ofrape kitscould be more streamlined, and inclusion of a convicted sexual offender's workplace address will become mandatory in the state's registry.

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