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Matching Donations

WVTF-RADIO IQ Spring 2020 Matching Donor Rules

WVTF-RADIO IQ is encouraging listeners to become first time donors. New donors are critical to the success of our operations.

Active donors have contributed through a mail campaign to supply the initial matching funds. This Matching Gift Pool accumulates funds through the last mail entered on February 25, 2020. Following that date, no more funds will be added to the Matching Gift Pool. A "first time" donor is a person or family who indicates they are supporting for the first time.


1. We are counting the number of new donors and new donor dollars during the Spring 2020 Fund Drive and we will keep listeners apprised of the on-going results.

2. The initial matching pool ratio will be a two-to-one match (2:1). I.e. for every $1 received from a new donor, $2 will be added to the fund drive total from the Matching Gift Pool.

3. During the fund drive, all pledges will be entered into the tally system. New donor (a.k.a. first time donor) pledges will be entered by the exact dollar amount of the pledge/donation.

4. Each morning the new donor names and dollars from the previous day will be counted and the match will then be applied and entered into the tally by the development department.

5. If there is any money left in the matching donor fund at the end of the fund drive, WVTF reserves the right to notify the matching donors and ask if they would like the money back or if they would like to use the match as a donation. We will begin notifications with the last donated gift.

6. We may adjust the matching dollar ratio at any time. (See # 2 above. 2:1 may be changed to 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 etc.) If the matching amount is adjusted, the change will be notated in an attachment to these rules and will also be posted on our web sites,