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MEMORY WARS: A podcast exploring how society confronts sin

Memory Wars is a six-part podcast series about how Germany has confronted its horrific past and whether America could ever do the same. RADIO IQ reporter Mallory Noe-Payne has spent years covering policy and politics in Richmond, Virginia — the former capital of the Confederacy. Then she went to Germany.

Through a year of in-depth reporting featuring a wide range of characters, Noe-Payne reveals the struggles it takes for a society to change its narrative, face up to an uncomfortable past, and pave the way for atonement. Featuring conversations with Pulitzer Prize winning Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Michael Paul Williams, Memory Wars explores the lessons in German history for American society today as we reckon with our own troubled past.

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Memory Wars has been chosen as Virginia Commonwealth University's 2024-25 Common Book. More information available here.