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"A Vampire Tale for Our Times" Opens in Blacksburg

A theater production with a biting social message opens November 7th in Blacksburg.  The dark comedy raises questions about what makes a civil society - and what does not.  

New York theater director and playwright Ping Chong is in final rehearsal of his play, Nosferatu, a Vampire Tale for Our Times, a student production at Virginia Tech.

Chong says, “It’s a show that’s a portrait of narcissistic people who have no concern for the people who are suffering in our society. But, I cross this with a vampire story, which creates a kind of fable about what happens when you become indifferent to the conditions in the world. Sooner or later you have to pay."

Like all vampires, the wealthy couple at the center of the play bear no reflection. Chong says his mission as an artist is not only to depict society, but to play a role in creating one that is fair, equitable, humane.

“My company is not just theater making," he says. “It’s also social activism; to work toward a better society.”

The play opens November 7th at Squires Theater in Blacksburg. 

Find ticket information here.


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