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Two Democrats Seek to Challenge Morgan Griffith in 9th District

AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

Virginia’s primary elections are coming up on June 12th.  Two Democrats are vying to challenge the Republican incumbent in the state’s 9th district, which comprises much of southwestern Virginia.

The Democrats seeking to challenge Republican incumbent, Morgan Griffith for his seat are Anthony Flaccavento of Abingdon and Justin Santopietro of Blacksburg. Flaccavento is an organic farmer, with a focus on rural and community economic development. Santopietro is a recent George Washington University grad who studied politics and worked in the federal government.

"The people I love in southwest Virginia deserve a representative who can navigate that mess. We can’t keep electing the same people with the same ideas that have clearly failed all over the place."  

Justin Santopietro is a Democrat in Blacksburg running in VA's June 12 Primary

Anthony Flaccavento first challenged Republican incumbent, Morgan Griffith of Salem for this seat in 2012.  He got 39% of the vote.

“We have a congressman who is an absentee congressman. I’m running to level the playing field because, for too long, everything has bubbled up to the rich and powerful rather than trickled down to us. And I’m running to fight that and reverse that.”   

Anthony Flaccavento is a Democrat from Abingdon running in VA's June 12th primary

Griffith has raised $487,000 for the race. Flaccavento, $35,000 and Santopietro, close to $12,000.

Robbie Harris is based in Blacksburg, covering the New River Valley and southwestern Virginia.