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Time is Running Out to Pick a 2020 ACA Marketplace Plan

Andrew Harnik / AP Photo

The deadline to pick a health insurance plan for 2020 on the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace is quickly approaching.

The cut-off date to pick a plan is Sunday.

Lois Caliri is a certified Marketplace navigator. She says that if people currently enrolled with an ACA plan don’t select a new one by the deadline, they will automatically be enrolled into a similar one.

Caliri stresses that it’s important to do some research:

“So as navigators, we strongly encourage consumers to look at all the plans, review them with a navigator, because there could be other plans that are better suited to their budget and their needs,” Caliri says.

She also says that while the pre-selected plan will have a similar monthly premium, things like deductibles and emergency room costs could change. Yearly income also plays a factor into how much you’ll pay each month.

There are a few things you’ll need for the online application or if you plan to seek a navigator for some assistance.

“Sources of their income, so if they are working, say maybe three or four of their last pay stubs if they are enrolling for the first time – or even if they are re-enrolling," she explains. "Also, if they already have an account to please bring their passwords, because that’s the only way the navigators can get into their account.”

Caliri says the ACA website has also gone down before due to heavy traffic in the days leading up to the deadline, so it’s best to do the application as soon as possible.

You can find more information and details about where to find the nearest Marketplace navigator here.

Nick Gilmore is a meteorologist, news producer and reporter/anchor for RADIO IQ.