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Cville's Preston Ave Renamed -- Preston Ave


Because it was named for a supporter of slavery, Charlottesville is planning to rename one of its main streets, but as Sandy Hausman reports, signs and maps will stay the same.

There are dozens of streets and buildings in Charlottesville and surrounding counties named for people who supported slavery, and as his last official act on city council, member Wes Bellamy plans to preside over the re-naming of one. 

“Preston Avenue was named after an individual who was a Colonel in the confederate army," says  Bellamy.  "After everything that’s transpired here in the city of Charlottesville, we just believe it to be more fitting to have the street named after an African-American woman who was a lifelong educator – an educator for nearly 50 years.”

Her name, coincidentally, was also Preston, but Bellamy feels good just knowing that on Saturday the street name will honor Asalie Minor-Preston.

“So essentially no harm, no foul," he explains.  "We still are able to recognize a woman who made significant impact to our community, and I’m hoping that this is just the beginning.”

He’ll host a ceremony at 10 a.m. in Washington Park – adjacent to Preston Avenue – the street on which, also coincidentally, Asalie Minor-Preston lived.