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**UPDATES **MVP Protestors Say They Won't Give Up Without a Fight

Kurt Holtz


 This is not the first time Mountain Valley Pipeline has tried to get protestors to come down out of their perch in the trees. They’ve been holding their ground in protest for two years.  Dusty Pinesap says, even an injunction, as was issued last week, would not deter them.

“Our bonds of solidarity and community here demonstrates and broadly in this campaign are stronger than the words of a decree of any judge or piece of paper that they want to throw at us.” 

Pinesap says the protesters and their supporters want to see this action through to the end.



“I share a deep sense of gratitude towards to everyone who's helped us and will help us in the future.” 


On Monday afternoon, vehicles, including spotlight trucks and front-end loaders were put into position, near the tree-sitters’ encampment, apparently in anticipation of a night time extraction by the authorities.

**UPDATE** Tuesday morning, sources say trucks are now heading up to the area where the tree sitters are encamped.

**UPDATE** 12:00 pm 11/17/20

Source: Appalachians Against Pipelines" ___" MVP is at Yellow Finch on the hill below the tree sitters! Workers are removing a fence erected by the former support camp to reinforce the blockade. 

The sits have been protecting some of the last remaining trees in the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline for 805 days. Current tree sitters have been resisting a court order to leave the blockade for 2 days now. 

A rally to support them is happening at the corner of Lafayette Road and 460 near Elliston.

**UPDATE** 11/18/20

Appalachians Against Pipelines reports, everyone who had been part of the ground support camp left the site before Monday.  No one has been arrested, nor was anyone hurt. Only the tree sitters remain.







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