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Pipeline Run; MVP Opponents Continue the Protests

Matthew Pickett

People who oppose the Mountain Valley Natural Gas Pipeline project are continuing the fight to stop it. This week, three women set out on a relay run through parts of Virginia and West Virginia.  They’re protesting the project with their feet, with a goal to highlight the sensitivity of potential water crossings along the pipeline’s route.

Grace Tuttle is with the group POWHR, which stands for, ‘protect our water, heritage rights.’ She says the run is to remind people, the pipeline is still not a done deal and that this is also a fund raiser for communities along the route, affected by the construction project.

“The runners blew by their $6,000 fundraising goal before even hitting the pavement. And they've thus set a new goal of $10,000 and their first day of running, they encountered roads that were no longer in use and other challenging navigation issues, but it was nothing they were not equipped for what their bravery and some local expertise they were back on the road and continuing with their mission.”  


Mercedes Walters, Sarah Hodder, and Katie Thompson began running and cycling April 25th along sections of the Mountain Valley pipeline construction path.  You can follow the run’s progress at mvpprotestrun.org


Robbie Harris is based in Blacksburg, covering the New River Valley and southwestern Virginia.