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Earlier Primary Date Could Cause Some Traffic Issues

Officials around the state are warning voters that the upcoming Democratic primary could produce traffic jams at some locations.

Virginia’s primary election is usually held after schools have closed for the summer, but this year the Board of Elections Secretary in Albemarle County says many will still be in session.

“Normally school is closed for Election Day in November.  June not necessarily so, although it hasn’t been a problem for a good while, because school has let out before the June primary.  Our June primary is a bit early this year – June 8th, and the schools – many of them – are not out yet.

Jim Heilman adds that the pandemic led many parents to stop putting their kids on school buses.  As a result, the number being dropped off and picked up by car jumped from 100 to 400 at one of the largest polling places in his county. 

That could mean traffic jams and trouble parking, so Heilman and other election officials are urging voters to cast their ballot early at the office of the local registrar or by mail.

Sandy Hausman is Radio IQ's Charlottesville Bureau Chief