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Virginia Redistricting Commissioner Resigns


A resignation from the Virginia Redistricting Commission announced at a meeting Tuesday will upset the partisan balance of the body until a replacement is voted on.

Marvin Gilliam, one of the Republican citizen commissioners, did not say why he was resigning when he addressed the commission remotely. The commissioners were meeting for the first time in person in Richmond.

“I've enjoyed my time here. I wish I could have met people in person it would have been much more fulfilling I think,” he said. “I do wish everyone good luck moving forward. You have a difficult task ahead of you and I wish you the best.”

There are 16 members of the Virginia Redistricting Commission. Half are Republicans, and half are Democrats. While half are elected legislators, the others are made up of regular citizens. Marvin Gilliam, is one of the Republican citizen commissioners.

The commission will pick someone from Senate Minority leader Tommy Norment’s list, since he put Gilliam’s name forward originally. At least one democrat will have to vote for his replacement. Gilliam was the only member of the Commission from Southwest Virginia, and the commission is required by law to represent all areas of the Commonwealth.

The commission meets again on July 19th and hopes to vote on a new member then.

Public hearings for the redistricting commission are beginning in July. On July 13th Longwood University in Farmville will host a hearing.

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