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Albemarle County Bans Guns in Public Buildings and Parks

Albemarle County Board
Albemarle County
Despite vocal opposition from some constituents, the Albemarle County Board gave unanimous support to a gun ban in public buildings, parks and community centers.

Now that the state is allowing communities to regulate gun possession in public places, Albemarle County has approved an ordinance banning firearms in parks and public buildings.

Some constituents objected, insisting an ordinance barring firearms from government buildings, community centers and parks was creating a solution where no problem exists, but Supervisor Ann Mallek disagreed.

“Intimidation of others is a real problem, and I personally have seen when half the members of the public in the board of supervisors meeting got up and left when someone came in that they perceived to be carrying a weapon,” she said.

She was further motivated to support a ban after an opponent staged a one-man protest -- visiting a local lake with gun in hand.

“The young person who was brandishing a weapon at one of our parks the weekend after we had our previous discussion about this really upset the staff who were there, teenaged lifeguards who were there,” Mallek recalled.

The board voted unanimously in support of the ban but said people would be allowed to keep weapons in parked cars.

Sandy Hausman is Radio IQ's Charlottesville Bureau Chief