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Training an EV Sales Force

Drive Electric
Generation 180
Generation 180 hopes current electric car owners will spread the word and has planned programs to educate and excite them.

This is Drive Electric Week, and a non-profit in Charlottesville is using the occasion in a surprising way – to excite and educate a new sales force – the 2% of Virginians who already drive electric cars. Stuart Gardner is with Generation 180.

“They’re really important in helping drive adoption and normalizing the technology," he explains. "It is really important to make sure that the EV community is inspired and equipped to go out and talk to their friends and neighbors and network.”

The group is offering lunchtime talks on Zoom and an EV Trivia Night this Thursday. Topics include driving demand for electric school buses, how media cover the transition to clean cars and whether it’s better to support mass transit or to buy electric.