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Youngkin says there's "plenty of money" for tax cuts

Glenn Youngkin speaks to supporters at a church in Salem.
David Seidel
Radio IQ
Glenn Youngkin speaks to supporters at a church in Salem.

When Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin takes office, he’ll find state coffers full of cash. The question is what will he and the General Assembly do with it?

Youngkin met with members of the Senate finance committee Friday morning in Roanoke.

Later at a rally with supporters in Salem, Youngkin laid out what he wants to do with the state’s budget. "They overtaxed us by 2.6 billion dollars last year and they’re doing it again this year by more than 2.6 billion dollars," Youngkin told the crowd. "There is plenty of money in the system to lower our taxes."

Youngkin said that would mean eliminating the grocery sales tax, suspending an increase in the gas tax and doubling the standard income tax deduction. He also repeated campaign promises to pay teachers and law enforcement more money and to fund school construction and special education programs. His transition team has not yet laid out details of how that would happen though.

Youngkin's plan to reverse state orders related to COVID-19 also got a warm reception. Youngkin said he will rescind an executive order requiring state employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. "And we will rescind the mandate that forces all children in K through 12 schools to wear a mask to schools," he said as the crowd cheered. He also said he would replace the state's health commissioner.

Youngkin thanked supporters and encouraged them to stay engaged in politics at all levels. "This is not a snapshot. This is a motion picture and we have work to do."

David Seidel is Radio IQ's News Director.