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Republicans pick some new faces, with more nomination contests to come

A placard that says "Vote Here" stands next to a street. Summertime foliage is in the background.
Jahd Khalil

Republicans are now heading into the fall campaign season with two new candidates. The candidates secured the nominations in conventions over the weekend.

Incumbent Republican Congressman Bob Good was able to beat back challenger Dan Moy, the chairman of the Charlottesville Republicans in a convention over the weekend.

In the 10th Congressional District, Hung Cao will be the Republican candidate to take on incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton. David Ramadan at George Mason's Schar School says he was able to win against candidates with much more name recognition.

"He played his story well," Ramadan says. "He is a captain in the Navy, an immigrant living the American Dream. He served in multiple wars. He was able to galvanize the minority vote in eastern Loudoun."

Republicans in the 8th Congressional District also selected an immigrant, Karina Lipsman who came to America from the Soviet Union.

Democratic strategist Ben Tribbett says he does not expect these candidates to change the dynamics of the election.

"These are not moderate candidates," he explains. "They are very much diverse candidates that speak to the older white voters that make up the Republican base. So, don't expect to see some sort of mass exodus from the Democratic Party with these candidates that sort of parrot Fox News talking points."

Republicans are not done selecting candidates yet. They'll have four congressional primaries, including the two most competitive races in Virginia taking on incumbent Democrats Abigail Spanberber and Elaine Luria. Those primaries are on June 21st.

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Michael Pope is an author and journalist who lives in Old Town Alexandria.