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Meet Mozart virtually at this year's chamber music festival in Cville

Virtual viewer
Tim Summers
A virtual viewer studies the technique of a professional musician

Tim Summers and his friend Raphael Bell met in high school and attended Julliard together before launching careers in classical music – Summers from Berlin and Bell from Antwerp. They travel around the world but return each year to perform with friends at the festival they founded 23 years ago.

Summers says the program will feature Shostakovich, Mendelson, Bach, Mozart — composers he calls "the usual suspects," but this year there will be something very different – -- the chance to view a virtual performance filmed with multiple cameras and mics.
On September 6th he’ll explain the project at Charlotteville’s CODE Building – then offer his audience the chance to experience Mozart virtually.

“You are inside your VR goggles.  You put them on, and you will find yourself in a church in Berlin called the Elisabeth Kirke, and the five of us will be there, highly pixilated," he explains. "We’ll play a movement of Mozart for you, and your job is simply to walk around and listen.  As you walk the sound changes in the way that it would change if you were there.”

Mahler Chamber Orchestra
Tim Summers
Tim Summers (L) and colleagues from the Mahler Chamber Orchestra perform a piece by Mozart for a virtual audience.

You can even walk through the performers. The festival will continue through September 18th at the Paramount Theater, Old Cabell Hall and the King Family Vineyard with an extra day – the 19th – for that virtual experience at Ix Park.

For more information on the chamber music festival, go here:


and to view the virtual piece, click this link:


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