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Seven dead, including shooter, at Chesapeake Wal-Mart

 Dozens of police respond to a mass shooting at a Chesapeake Wal-Mart
Ryan Murphy, WHRO
Dozens of police respond to a mass shooting at a Chesapeake Wal-Mart

Police say a shooter opened fire in a Walmart in Virginia, leaving six people dead. It was the country’s second high-profile mass killing in a handful of days. The assailant is also dead.

A shopper said the store in Chesapeake was busy Tuesday night with people stocking up ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Chesapeake Police Chief Mark Solesky said the gunman was an employee, and died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and used a pistol. Police did not disclose his identity or any further details.

Solesky said four victims are in local hospitals. Two are in critical condition as of early Wednesday. One patient is in good condition.

Police received the first call about shots fired in the store around 10:12 p.m., according to a police spokesman. "We are shocked at this tragic event at our Chesapeake, Virginia store," Wal-Mart tweeted.

"We’re praying for those impacted, the community and our associates.
We’re working closely with law enforcement, and we are focused on
supporting our associates."

Gov. Glenn Youngkin also released a statement on Twitter Wednesday morning.

“Our hearts break with the community of Chesapeake this morning, and that he remains in contact with law enforcement officials throughout this morning… and have made available any resources as this investigation moves forward. Heinous acts of violence have no place in our communities."

Democratic U.S. Senator Tim Kaine Tweeted:

“Both Congress and the Virginia General Assembly have taken steps, finally, to reduce gun violence, but there is so much more to do.”