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Ongoing Monthly Donations

Ongoing Monthly Donations are an easy and efficient way for you to support the programs you rely on through secure, automatic monthly payments from your credit card, debit card or bank account (EFT or automatic bank bill-pay through your on-line banking options).

Monthly Donors make an ongoing monthly contribution — which means we’ll continue to deduct money from your account until you ask us to stop or change it. You can become a monthly donor through our 24/7 online pledge form.  Call us at 800-856-8900 (VA, NC, WV, TN); 540-989-8900; or Email us.

Ongoing Monthly Donors enjoy these benefits:

·    Uninterrupted WVTF/RADIO IQ Donor status — your support automatically renews each year.
·    The satisfaction of making your contribution goes further to support the services you rely on.
·    The convenience of regular contributions with the flexibility of making changes at any time.
·    A subscription to our donors-only email newsletter that’s packed with news about your favorite programs and hosts, early notice about WVTF and RADIO IQ events, and special members-only offers.
·    Postage, paper and administrative cost savings for us — putting more of your contribution into the news, discussion programs and music you value.
·    Opportunity to request a thank-you gift each year.

Contribution methods can be changed:

If you prefer, you can always call Donor Services to change or update your credit card information or to make other payment changes. To ensure the security of your information, please do not send payment information via our contact form or email.

Another option:  Pay by electronic fund transfer (EFT) through your bank.  WVTF/RADIO IQ sends you a form upon your request.Or you may print the EFT form here and send to us by mail. With your signature and bank routing number, your monthly gift is automatically withdrawn from your account.

Avoid fees and expiration dates. The most efficient way to make your ongoing monthly donation could be through your on-line banking “Bill Pay” services. In most cases, WVTF/RADIO IQ and the donor would both be spared the processing fees that accompany EFTs and credit/debit card charges and donors avoid the inconvenience of updating expiration dates for credit/debit cards. If you choose this option please use the mailing information below to set up your recurring monthly donations to WVTF/RADIO IQ.

PO Box 2737
Roanoke, VA 24001-2737

Remember, you can cancel your donation at any time:  Just call our donor services department to stop your donation at 800-856-8900 or 540-989-8900.