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Craig Wright

All Things Considered Host

Craig Wright hosts All Things Considered on Radio IQ.
A University of Michigan alum, Craig has called Roanoke home since 1992. His broadcasting experience includes both television and radio, with stops in West Palm Beach, Florida; Bluefield, West Virginia; and Cleveland, Ohio.
He lists puzzles & games, geocaching, hiking, baseball and movies as interests.

  • Over the summer, a club for rocket enthusiasts lost access to the Blacksburg launch site they’d been using for over a decade. The search to find a new site is proving to be a challenge.
  • After providing pumpkins to grocery stores and retail outlets for generations, enterprising farmers realized they could turn their cornfields and pumpkin patches into “agritourism” destinations – giving the term cash crops a whole new meaning.Roxy Todd and "All Things Considered" host Craig Wright visited three farms in the Roanoke area and the New River Valley.
  • After years of planning, designing, and finally casting – the Henrietta Lacks monument in Downtown Roanoke is set for unveiling and dedication Wednesday morning. Lacks’ immense contribution to cancer research has only in recent years garnered worldwide attention. She was born in Roanoke, but later in life developed cancer. In the 1950's cells from her tumor were taken without her knowledge or consent and used for research that is still making medical breakthroughs today.Bryce Cobbs, Roanoke native and the artist behind the conceptual drawing for the statue, talks about what went into making the memorial a reality - and his hopes for the unveiling event.
  • For many people, gambling is simply an entertainment. But now, wagering is as close as the phone in the palm of your hand and gambling is no longer confined to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.What will be the impact on individuals and society as ease of access to gambling continues to grow across the country – including in the Commonwealth?
  • We use the Global Positioning System, or GPS, to navigate roads. But GPS is also at the heart of a popular recreational activity which is celebrating its annual holiday.International Geocaching Day is meant for those who have been caching for years - as well as those who want to learn more about it and maybe give it a try.
  • Social media posts and videos featuring bears encroaching on neighborhoods and wandering through city streets, could lead one to conclude that these occurrences are on the uptick. But are they?
  • In addition to the tragic human toll of COVID-19, nearly all businesses were also affected to varying degrees by the pandemic. Sadly, many older, beloved establishments could not weather the hardships and closed their doors permanently.But some businesses found a way to adapt.
  • City murals – art that catches the eye and brings colorful displays to unexpected urban locations – can often become iconic to the towns and cities where they’re found. Mural artist Jon Murrill offers a preview as well as a call for volunteers to help with The Star City’s newest piece of outdoor art.
  • If you’re in your car right now, you could very well be sitting at an intersection waiting on the traffic light to change. And you might be thinking, “There’s got to be a better way."