Mallory Noe-Payne

Reporter - Richmond

Mallory Noe-Payne is a national award-winning reporter and producer based in Richmond, Virginia. She's done work for NPR, Marketplace and Public Radio International. 

Although she's a native Virginian, she's also worked for public radio in Boston. There, she helped produce stories about higher education, including a nationally-airing series on the German university system.   In addition to working for WGBH, she's worked at WAMU in Washington D.C. She graduated from Virginia Tech with degrees in Journalism and Political Science. 

For more frequent updates from Richmond, or occasional commentary on rock climbing and vegetable gardening, you can follow Mallory on Twitter @MalloryNoePayne

Mallory Noe-Payne / Radio IQ


There’s no better time to be outside, eat good food, and enjoy the company of neighbors and friends than on a summer evening. 

David Seidel/Radio IQ

Just under 35,000 people in Virginia have gotten their driver’s license back. That’s since July 1st, when a new policy stopped the practice of suspending licenses as a punishment for not paying court fines. 

The next push is reaching the hundreds of thousands who are eligible, but just need to apply. 

Emily Hamer / Wisconsin Watch via AP



According to Virginia police, arrests for possessing marijuana are on the rise in the commonwealth. In 2018, almost 30,000 people were impacted. That’s triple the number from the late 90’s. 

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Richmond’s public housing authority is reassuring residents they won’t be displaced by a long term plan to replace the city’s housing projects. Community members turned out by the dozens Wednesday evening to speak against the proposal. 


This past weekend undocumented immigrants across Virginia braced for raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As of Tuesday those threats appear not to have materialized. Still advocates say there’s been an uptick in safety checkpoints.