Albemarle Could See Flooding, Lose Power

Sep 14, 2018

It’s wait and watch in Albemarle and neighboring counties today.  They may miss the worst of the storm but are not home free.  Flooding and power outages are possible through Wednesday of next week.

Albemarle and Charlottesville residents fill free sandbags at Darden Towe Park.

Residents of Charlottesville and neighboring counties are taking advantage of a special offer from local government – ten free sandbags.  Maribel Street is Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator for Charlottesville, Albemarle and UVA

“It’s going from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Darden Towe Park through Monday, as long as the sand lasts," she says.  "We had about 40 tons and it sounds like we’re going to get another 20 tons.”

In Scottsville officials are keeping a wary eye on the James River.  If it gets too high, they’ll erect a mechanical wall to prevent downtown flooding, and Street says all of central Virginia should be prepared to lose power.

“Our next biggest worry is power outages," Street says. "We could be getting winds of 25 miles and hour, and the ground is wet, and trees will come down.”