An Art Show Inspired by Mezcal

May 24, 2019

Plans are underway in Charlottesville for an unusual show inspired by an artisinal Mexican drink.

Co-owner River Hawkins at the Bebedero bar loves to share the lore of mezcal.

The Bebedero is a quirky little restaurant and bar above Charlottesville’s downtown mall – filled with a fusion of Mexican folk-art and North American kitsch.  River Hawkins is a co-owner who loves creating art and cocktails.  He often pairs menu items with different kinds of mezcal – a traditional Mexican spirit made from the agave plant.

“Tequila is a mezcal.  It’s just a very specific kind of mezcal," he explains. " It’s made from the blue agave, whereas other mezcals can come from 20-50 different kinds of wild agaves.”

The stuff is known to produce an interesting high. 

Hawkins contends "you’re not drunk. You’re closer to God," so he decided to give bottles of mezcal to 16 local artists to inspire creations for a show on Wednesday night.

Hawkins is, himself, an artist influenced by Mexican folk lore.
Credit RadioIQ

“I have two musicians who each got a different bottle of mezcal and are working on individual pieces to play that night.  My chef got a bottle, and he’s going to be creating appetizers inspired by his mezcal.”

Show goers will pay $30 for a copita:

“Copita is a tiny little cup – a traditional mezcal sipping cup.  Then you’ll just wander around and the artists will be here with their particular art, and they’ll be handing out samples of mescal, so you can experience the art and also what inspired it.”

The show begins at six and ends when the mezcal, provided by Mezcal El Silencio,  runs out. Charlottesville’s Bebedero is at 225 West Main St, in a  second-floor space above the downtown mall. 

The Bebedero features modern Mexican food and decor.
Credit RadioIQ