Budget Deal Means Refund Checks This Fall

Feb 11, 2019

As voters are considering their options later this year, many of the wealthiest in Virginia will be getting a check in the mail — thanks to the budget that lawmakers are moving forward with in Richmond.

Do you owe state income taxes? If so, you’re about to get a check in the mail. $110 for single filers and $220 for joint filers. That’s thanks to a budget plan lawmakers are moving forward with now.

I asked Senate Majority Leader Tommy Nortment when the checks are going arrive in mailboxes.

“The timing on this is interesting because the checks will go out right around election time, right?”

Norment responded “I had not noticed that. Is that true,” he asked?

“By what we have presented it cuts across every economic strata whether you’re making $50,000 or less or whether you are making $300,000 or more if you are paying taxes,”Norment continued.

House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert says Republicans were determined to avoid raising taxes.  “The implications of the federal tax cuts should not have a negative impact on Virginia taxpayers, and even though Virginia Democrats want to spend that money we think it should be returned to the people who earned it.”

Governor Ralph Northam was also hoping to send refund checks, although his plan would have sent $500 checks to 400,000 of the poorest Virginians. But the governor, embattled in a blackface scandal, was unable to persuade lawmakers.

This report, provided by Virginia Public Radio, was made possible with support from the Virginia Education Association.